Good Morning!

This Sunday I am beginning a new series of posts that will cover a range of topics related to children, teaching and healthy living.

Today’s Topic: Moving! 

In a few short weeks I will be packing up my belongings (including one small, gray cat) and moving up to Boston. I am feeling equal parts thrilled and anxious about this new adventure. Here is why:

Moving is fun.

Moving is exciting.

Moving is stressful.

Moving is a HUGE pain in the butt.

The good news is that, as an adult,  I am in control of the situation and can anticipate what is coming. On the contrary, for children, moving can be a bewildering and anxiety inducing experience.

Here are a few tips to prepare your child for a move.

1. Talk and show.

-Talk about your move! Describe where you will be living. Show your child pictures of the new house/apartment if you can. Don’t forget to describe simple things, like where your child will keep his or her toys or where you will wait for the bus.

2. Visit your child’s new school. 

-If you can, visit the new school  with your child before he or she begins attending. This can help alleviate anxiety about being “the new kid.”

3. Don’t abandon routines!

-Children thrive on routines. Routines maintain a sense of familiarity and comfort when everything else may feel new and scary. Try to keep simple routines (think: bed time, meal time, bath time) consistent throughout the moving process.

4. Listen.

-Your child may want to talk about moving. Listen! Encourage your child to talk about what is making him or her feel nervous or excited.

5. Get excited!

-Is there a neat park near your new dwelling? Will you have a cool tree to climb in the front yard? Get your child pumped up about the move!


Whether we are 6 or 26, moving can be scary. The important thing to remember is that eventually the “newness” subsides. You won’t always feel like the “new kid” or notice that the 3rd step creaks when you walk up the stairs. By preparing our children (and ourselves) we can help make the transition a little more comfortable for everyone.

Cheers to new adventures!



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