Happy Earth Day!


In honor of Earth Day, I decided to share some of my “greenest” speech activities!

1. Planting


We planted some “magic beans” to practice sequencing, following directions and descriptive vocabulary. Prior to planting, we read the story “Flower Garden” by Eve Bunting. This story is about a little girl who lives in a big city and goes with her Dad to buy supplies to plant flowers in a window box. This is a great story to target predicting and sequencing. 

2. Green Building Competition 


After learning about Earth Day, some of my students had a building contest using recycled materials! (We are currently seeking LEED certification for the best ones).

This was great for targeting sequencing (students had to recall each step they took to make their creation), expressive vocabulary (students had to explain what each part of their creation was),  and executive functioning (students had to plan their design before creating it).

3. Toilet Paper Roll Car!


After reading about Earth Day, I let a student pick something to make using recycled materials. This was an easy one!   We put it together with an old toilet paper roll, brass fasteners and construction paper. While we made it, I targeted descriptive vocabulary by asking him to describe each part of the car and it’s function.

I like to think that every day is Earth Day in speech, however, the reality is that sometimes paper winds up in the trash can, weird food remnants go un-composted, and old ink cartridges pile up in my desk drawer. We’re still trying to decide if boogery tissues are biodegradable, but until then, we will all just keep doing our best to be kind to Mama Earth!


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