Fall Finale…the Pumpkin Roundup

It’s officially November, and I think we are finally ready to put our pumpkin theme to bed. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite pumpkin activities from the past few weeks…

1. Ring Around the Pumpkin

This activity is a great way to get your kids up and moving. I find that gross motor activities like running and jumping are a fantastic way to get my students talking. It is also a great way to energize students who are feeling a little sluggish.

photo (3)

This activity requires 2 things:

-Construction Paper


How to Play:

-Turn on some awesome music (I highly recommend Gen Gereb who makes songs especially for students with sensory needs). Students jump from color to color until the music stops. When the music stops, students flip over the paper that they landed on and make a sentence about what they see. We used this activity to target:

Language Concepts (big/small) and Expanded Sentences:

I put small pumpkins on half of the sheets of paper and big pumpkins on the other half.  My students had to make a sentence each time they landed on a pumpkin (“I found a big pumpkin,” “I see a small pumpkin.” etc.).  I varied this activity based on skill level, for example, some students were only working on combining 2 words, so we stuck to “big pumpkin,” “little pumpkin.”

The back of the paper looked like this:


-For students working on sound production, I taped articulation cards on the pumpkins. For example, a student working on the “R” sound might say “I see a ‘rose’ on the pumpkin.


I added more stickers to some of the pages and asked students to tell me “where” certain things were. For example, they might say “The spider is next to the pumpkin.”

2. 5 Little Pumpkins Finger Puppets

If you google “5 Little Pumpkins” you will find MANY versions of this poem. We used this one:

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate

The first one says “Oh my it’s getting late”

The second one says “There are bats in the air”

The third one says “But we don’t care”

The fourth one says “Let’s run let’s run”

The fifth one says “I’m ready for some fun”

Then “woooo” went the wind and

Out went the lights

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight

I had the students wear a glove while we read the poem together. They put one finger down for each line. I used gardening gloves and pumpkin stickers. Here they are:

Iphone Pictures 914

Poems and rhyming activities are great for young students, as rhyming is an important pre-reading skill!

3. Pumpkin Snack

photo (2)

This was our garden club snack this week. We didn’t use it in speech therapy, but it can absolutely be adapted as a language activity at home! (The pumpkins are simply a tangerine with a small piece of celery on the top).

While you make tangerine pumpkins, you can target:

-Following Directions

-Vocabulary (what parts does a tangerine have, what parts does a pumpkin have etc.)

-Sequencing (what did we do first, second, last etc.?)

I chose these activities based on how EASY they are. We are entering the time of year that tends to get a little crazy, and I am always looking for activities that are not too labor intensive. Another reason I chose these activities was because they were a tremendous hit with my students! I encourage you to use these activities this month, or store them in your tool box for next year. Enjoy!


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