What we’re reading in speech this week…


Speech therapy is back in full swing at my school…and we’re starting off the year with Pete the Cat!

I will be the first person to admit that I have a tendency to lean toward “crazy cat lady” status. WIth that being said, both my kids and I are HUGE fans of Pete the Cat. Most of my kiddos have read Pete stories in their class, so they are already familiar with him.  I like to pick familiar stories, since repetition is a really great way to facilitate language learning.  For those of you who don’t know, this story also involves some singing. You don’t actually have to sing it…but I absolutely do.  Here are some areas we targeted this week while reading:

1. “Where” questions

-Each page describes a location in the school and the kids have to try to guess where Pete is going.  A lot of my kids have WH question goals and “where” questions can be particularly tricky, so this is a great time to practice that skill!

2. Verb Form

-I have some students who are working on the “verb+ing” form.   This is embedded throughout the entire story! In fact, each time we sing, we use it (e.g., “I’m eating in my school shoes”). What’s cool about this, is that the singing portion repeats the same sentence 3 times. So not only are the kids hearing and practicing it more than once,  but they are also hearing it in a different modality (i.e., song).

3. Sequencing

-The story takes Pete through his entire school day, so after we have read the story I ask the kids to tell me what Pete did. What’s nice about this story, is that it is a familiar context (since his day is very similar to the kids’ day) which makes sequencing easier.

*When kids are learning to sequence stories or events, it’s great to practice with familiar activities (e.g., brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making cereal).

4. Vocabulary

-There is a lot of great vocabulary in the story that fits with the “back to school” theme that I am targeting this month.  It’s a great refresher for kids who are returning to school, and a nice introduction for our new preschool and kindergarten students.  Teaching vocabulary words within a theme is an effective way to help kids organize and store newly learned words.

So that’s what’s up in speech this week, and in the words of my boy Pete…”it’s all good.”


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