picmonkey_imageI love to incorporate bubbles into my therapy sessions.  I think they are simply fantastic…and here is why:

1. They are an excuse to get outside. 

2. They encourage deep breathing.

-I always tell my kids to breathe into their bellies in order to get really big bubbles. This can be an important skill for children who stutter or children who have difficulty getting enough breath support for speech. Deep breathing is also a great way to re-energize!

3. They are calming.

-Sometimes we just need to take a break.  No matter how old you are, sitting and watching a bubble float away can have a tremendous calming affect.

4. They elicit language.

-You can work on “wh” questions (“where did the bubble go?”), spatial concepts (“it went under the tree”), qualitative concepts (“was that one big or small?”) etc.  When you are doing something different and fun there is always a lot to talk about!

5. They are fun. 

-Bottom line: whether you are using bubbles as a reinforcement activity or to target a specific skill, you and your kids will probably be having fun.

And that my friends, is why I think bubbles are awesome.

Want to make  your own bubbles? (Come on…I know you do). Here is a recipe to try:

Homemade Bubbles

1 cup water
2 tablespoons glycerin  or light Karo syrup
4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

Mix together and enjoy!

If you are feeling SUPER ambitious…here is a link to make your own bubble wands!


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